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The Habibabad Megaproject is the largest project and first of its kind venture for Pakistan. The model is unique and offers beyond imagination. Numerous services come together in one place. If we look around the globe, only similar projects can be seen in the United States.

Habibabad has already achieved the Storage capacity of 20,000 metric tons while the expansion capacity remains 80,000-100,000 metric tons. Situated on key location on National Highway near Okara, it provides for a convenient supply all across Punjab. Equipped with a fully automated state of the art machinery, the development is due to be completed within the next 5 months.

Habibabad project is to offer luxurious hotel rooms for people traveling long distances for leisure or for business. Initially, 23 rooms are being finished and the numbers will increase as the need increases.

A stopover without food is no fun. The food street consists of themed Restaurants, purposefully built Truck Adda, Open food stalls along with multiple fast-food brands.

Banquet hall of a massive 3000 person capacity is our gift for the local community.

Habibabad is to act as a business center with the bank, auto showrooms, and office spaces for local businesses.